A water project moves forward into a prayer iniative.

By November 7, 2003

USA (MNN)–The spiritual dynamics of an evangelistic water ministry are behind the launch of a new initiative.

Living Water International’s Jerry Wiles says because of the areas they work in, spiritual warfare is prevalent. That’s why the ‘Living Water Prayer Network’ began. “We have a two-pronged approach. We want people to pray, but we also want to connect with praying people.”

Wiles says it’s more than prayer partners–the network is a connection with prayer ministries and intercessors around the country aimed at focused intercession, revival and spiritual awakening.

He says it’s also an education process, a play on words–meeting the physical need for clean water, and the spiritual need for the water of life. Of the project, Wiles explains, “What we’ve found is that when these people are willing to pray for a mission project or a cause, they financially support that cause. Now, whether or not they support the project is between them and the Lord, but we want to see serious intercessors with a focused prayer initiative.”

Contact Living Water International for more information: http://www.water.cc
or: PO Box 2257, Sugar Land TX 77487-2257,
or call: 281.261.7984

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