A wave of biblical encouragement sweeps an Indonesian people group.

By January 20, 2005

Indonesia (MNN)–The tsunami that swept over one side of Indonesia’s coast in December left miles of damage. At the same time, on the other side of the country, a different kind of wave hit the church, leaving the potential for building a legacy.

The Seed Company’s Daniel Peckham says they were dedicating a New Testament translation in Papua when the disaster struck. “27 years ago, the Sera people group requested somebody to come and bring them the word of God in their language. So, it’s been a long process through missionary help and also some key men there doing the translation themselves.”

Many Sera people have an interest in spiritual things, and about half of the group call themselves Christian. However, due to the lack of Scripture in their own language, Biblical understanding is lacking. Many believers continue to mix Shamanism and Spiritism with their Christianity, and Animism is still common outside the church.

Literacy training is also an important part of laying the foundation for the future church. Peckham explains, “There has been some literacy done already. There will be continuing literacy through some other missionaries in the area who will be helping with the distribution, church planting and other things like that.”

As a result of a clearer understanding of the Scriptures by Sera Christians, the church will be strengthened and individual believers will be encouraged in their personal walk with the Lord. Transitional literacy activities will enable the people who can already read the national language to use these translated materials effectively.

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