A wave of refugees finds its way North in Haiti

By January 28, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — The earth didn't
rumble much in Cap Haitien on January 12, but people there are feeling a different
sort of aftershock. As
aftershocks continue to rattle Port-au-Prince, many more of its frightened
residents are fleeing town.

Eva DeHart with For Haiti With Love says they're getting a wave of
refugees. "If people can find a way
at all, they're getting out of Port-au-Prince." Officials originally estimated
that 200,000 of the 3 million people in the city would leave after the
earthquake–at least temporarily.

However, DeHart doesn't think the migration will reverse. "They are afraid of Port-au-Prince; they are
in shock, and so I don't look for a lot of them, in this generation, to ever
want to go back." 

Already-strained resources in the
North are pushed to breaking point. After the quake, food prices skyrocketed in many areas
still standing. Medical
care, already expensive, became expendable. 

DeHart explains: "The volume in our clinic has tremendously
increased. We don't know yet whether that was the mudslides and flooding and
things that were going on in Cap (Haitien) during that earthquake, or whether
it's a direct result of the earthquake itself."

FHWL has additional medical
supplies ordered for the clinic and is praying for the funding to cover those.  Getting money transferred is still proving to
be a problem since Port-au-Prince banks are still down. Keep praying as the team finds ways to access
the funds they need to keep the ministry running.

DeHart says their team lives the hope of Jesus Christ–even when they
have no words. "All you can do is hold them, love them, pray with them and
reassure them that God is in control, and we must have faith in Him."


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