A worldwide Christian radio partnership celebrates 20 years of service.

By April 27, 2005

International (MNN)–Christian radio is making a difference in areas where traditional missions are challenging. Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung says that’s where the ‘World by Radio’ consortium is most effective. “That has been active since 1985. This is the 20th anniversary, and the main work of that has been coordinating plans for global development of new languages. Different organizations sharing what they’re planning to do to reduce the amount of duplication.”

‘World by Radio’ is a joint commitment by international missionary radio broadcast ministries FEBA, Far East Broadcasting Company, SIM International, HCJB World Radio, and Trans World Radio working together with broadcast-related ministries such as Back to the Bible Broadcasts, Galcom, IBRA Radio, and Words of Hope.

WOH’s DeYoung says they met earlier this month in Sri Lanka to figure out how to expand their scope and streamline efforts. “Pray that there will be a continuing spirit of cooperation and of not viewing outreach strictly from the perspective of any given single organization but rather, looking at it as part of the overall effort of the body of Christ.”

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