A young couple sets big goals to transform community

By November 7, 2013

India (MNN) — Even small numbers who desire to do God’s work
can make an immense impact.

This is true for a young missionary couple living in India.
According to The Mission Society, the couple has set big goals to provide jobs,
offer Christ, and uplift the entire neighborhood.

This couple is living in the poorest state in India. They have seen children sold as domestic workers or into prostitution. The couple experienced this up close when their six-year-old neighbor was sold.

People looking for financial help for others often become victims of loans with impossible interest rates. The money lenders are then able to force them into bonded labor.

The couple believes that the answer to this extreme poverty and subsequent oppression lies in their spiritual reality. As a result, the missionaries are planning to start a textile business.

These products will help connect people from home to what is going on in India. They will be attached to what it means to be a developing
country, educating the buyers on poverty and trafficking. Buying the products only further supports efforts against these things.

Meanwhile, the workers of this business will be blessed in multiple ways. Not only will they have a good-paying job in a healthy and safe environment, but they will hear the Gospel.

Each morning the couple plans to tell their employees Bible stories and minister to them through prayer. They hope to be involved in their employees’ lives by providing money for their children’s education and access to medical care. Aside from that, they want to foster a supportive community and provide a good meal each day.

The couple is excited to see how God will work in the community as the residents–mostly Muslim and Hindu–hear the Gospel for the first time.

Getting the necessary permissions and paperwork has been a long and difficult process. However, the couple hopes to be able to open their business in early 2014.

The couple asks you to pray along with them as they wait to see the transformation in the lives and hearts of the people they minister to.

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