Active Faith: A new way to play

By July 25, 2016

USA (MNN) — Active Faith, an athletic apparel brand exclusively carried by Family Christian, is doing exactly what its name implies; it’s helping people actively live out their faith.

(Photo Courtesy Family Christian via Facebook)

Active Faith “My Game, His Glory” t-shirt (Photo courtesy of Family Christian via Facebook)

Here’s how it works. Originally dreamed up and primarily brought to reality in 2012 by former NBA player Lanny Smith, Active Faith athletic apparel features taglines on the products for the entire family to wear.

Family Christian’s Jennifer Makowksi explains, “Active Faith is definitely a premier sports and athletic line. It’s a premier sports apparel company and it features Christian inspired designs and messaging. So all of the apparel — there are t-shirts, there are sweatshirts, there’s sleeveless, there’s hoodies. They’ve even got, you know, leggings and shorts.

“All of it sort of tags back to this tagline, which is called ‘In Jesus name I play.’ And it’s basically all about giving the glory on and off the court to Jesus.”

Smith, the CEO and co-owner of Active Faith, experienced a potential career-ending injury during college while playing at the University of Houston. But by God’s grace, he recovered, worked hard, and made his way to join the NBA.

Then, about a month after signing on with the Sacramento Kings, Smith experienced what would this time be his NBA career-ending injury during a practice.

Yet, this injury didn’t stop God’s plan to use Smith for His glory. Instead, with a tagline in mind, Smith and his co-owners went on to encourage and inspire many others to give the glory to God on and off the court.

Smith came up with the brand’s tagline when at an NBA game, he misspoke and said, “In Jesus name I play,” instead of, “In Jesus name I pray.” The thought of, “In Jesus name I play” gave Smith goosebumps and he knew then this is what he wanted to base his apparel line on.

These little reminders on products range from print across the shirt saying, “I can do all things through Christ” to small call outs on a sleeve with a Bible verse. According to those already wearing Active Faith apparel, the brand is helping jump-start conversations about faith. People are being stopped on and off the court with questions about what the message on the clothing means, and even questions about where to buy it.

(Photo Courtesy Family Christian via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Family Christian via Facebook)

“It’s a conversation-starter about the Word, and about Scripture, and about God, and about faith. So, what it really does is people ask about it. You know, you’re running or you’re walking down the street and somebody just sees ‘Through Christ’ on the back of your shirt, and they ask you, ‘Hey, what is that? Can I feel that? Where’d you get that?’” Makowski says.

Family Christian stores have even seen an increase in individuals, such as high school athletes, who are coming into their stores for the very first time to purchase this apparel.

In this sense, Active Faith is doing what many hoped it would. It’s inviting others to hear the Gospel through a shared passion.

Furthermore, when purchasing the Active Faith products, individuals won’t be compromising quality or modern design. Makowski says Active Faith’s apparel is equal to that of other active wear brands such as Nike and Under Armour.

Those purchasing Active Faith attire can feel confident about where their money is going, since a portion of Active Faith’s proceeds go right back to Christian charities and missions. And in the future, they hope to establish their own non-profit foundation to be more than a brand, but a ministry advancing God’s kingdom.

So, if you’re needing some new active wear or getting more clothes for the kids as they prepare to head back to school this fall, check out Active Faith either in Family Christian stores or on its online website. It’s truly a unique clothing brand that won’t be found anywhere else, except on the brand’s official page.

Click here to learn more or to purchase Active Faith apparel.


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