Discipleship: gadgets are not enough

By July 25, 2016

Nepal (MNN) – The mistake of making a convert instead of leading someone to a relationship with Christ has been done time and time again. That’s why discipleship is so important.

World Mission distributes their audio Bibles called ‘Treasures’. But as Greg Kelley explains, they also recognize training believers in leadership is vital. This is especially obvious in places where it’s difficult to be a Christian.

World Mission recognizes that while the Treasures are extremely valuable in aiding the spread of the Gosple, people-to-people contact is needed to make disciples. Photo courtesy of World Mission.

World Mission recognizes that while the Treasures are extremely valuable in aiding the spread of the Gospel, people-to-people contact is needed to make disciples. (Photo courtesy of World Mission)

Kelley says, “Being a convert in the 10/40 window — you won’t survive. It’s the most hostile, spiritually-speaking, areas in the world. But if you just kind of have a teaspoon-full of Jesus, so to speak, you won’t survive because of the hostilities. We need to be committed to make disciples.”

In the 10/40 window, Kelley says there are five million pastors without access to training. So how can they bring the Gospel to others if they can’t be trained?

In other places, pastors go through seminary where they can learn about the Bible and collaborate in discussion with other pastors.


World Mission has invested in building Shiloh training centers in this area of the world. The name, Kelley says, references the place where Shiloh grew in knowledge of the Lord.

“The Shiloh training center really represents the location where pastors from these closed areas can come and receive training from nationals who are mature in their own walk with the Lord.”

He talks about two locations which have been in especial need for these centers.

Senegal and Nepal


(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

“Nepal represents about 28 million people, and over 80-percent of them are Hindu, and virtually nine out of 10 people have never heard the Gospel,” Kelley explains.

In Senegal, he says, it’s very similar. Most of the population is made up of Muslims.

To accomplish the training, World Mission connects with a network of national leaders who help them identify strategic locations to build the centers. The nationals own and operate the building and bring in trainers from the community.

World Mission relies heavily on nationals as they better know the needs of believers in the country.

As mission organizations work to further the spread of the Gospel, Kelley says, “We need to be praying that the Lord would help us be strategic as the Body of Christ to raise up leaders who can make disciples.”

Pray also for believers and those who have never heard about Jesus in the 10/40 window. Kelley asks, what resources do you have to bring to God’s mission?

If you would like to support the building of Shiloh centers, click here.

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