Addicts turn to Jesus in Brazil

By July 12, 2022

Brazil (MNN) — Police crackdown on crime in Brazil’s largest city. Operation Choke, a massive anti-crime effort with no end date, targets São Paulo. Officials say they found 22 tons of drugs in the first three weeks.

The Holy Spirit is working in this region, too. “There is an area in São Paulo [called] ‘Cracklandia’ where hundreds of young people live, and they’re drugged out 24 hours a day. It’s the biggest concentration of crack users in the country,” Helen Williams of World Missionary Press says.

Local Christians use Scripture booklets from WMP to share the hope of Jesus in Cracklandia.

“They went in to share the literature, talk as people were willing to talk or able to talk; the literature [opened] the door. They (believers) could go back and follow up; as they did, there were questions and genuine desire to be out of this (drug-addicted life,” Williams says.

“There is no place where the Spirit cannot work.”

People are abandoning their addictions to follow Christ, WMP’s distribution partner says. WMP has sent him 600,000 Scripture booklets as part of its Blessings for Brazil campaign. WMP wants to ship six million booklets in total.

“This guy in São Paulo said, ‘I need two 40-foot containers. I’m going to send 500 boxes here and 500 boxes there.’ He’s not afraid to take the Gospel anywhere,” Williams says.

Help cover printing and shipping costs here.

“These Brazil shipments will probably be done in the fall, September [or] October, and on their way.”



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