Adoption fuels an effective cycle of evangelism.

By April 10, 2006

International (MNN)–Africa Inland Mission is offering a new way to look at the world of missions.

Their ‘Adopt-A-People Program’ encourages participants to embrace an unreached people group. Their job is to pray for them until a viable and maturing church is established.

The AAP has developed into a classic means of directing prayer effort, skills and material resources from Christian fellowships toward unreached peoples, and mentoring them spiritually until they have a church movement of their own. It’s a link between a local Christian fellowship or church congregation with a mission agency to target a group for penetration with the Gospel.

Why prayer? Because prayer is an essential part of an unreached person or people group coming to know Christ as Savior and Lord.

In reviewing the greatest needs, AIM has targeted people groups in their countries of service throughout Africa. They then provide specific information to sponsoring groups in order to help them pray effectively.

Sometimes, a group that initially committed to pray for an unreached people sends individuals as missionaries to their adopted group.

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