Terror won’t keep the Palestinian Bible Society shut down.

By April 10, 2006

Gaza (MNN)–The Palestinian Bible Society bookshop is finally reopened in Gaza, after a five-week-long closure.

Open Doors Ministries’ Jerry Dykstra says the temporary interruption to this partner’s work came in response to unknown militants’ threats to bomb the building.

Militants had exploded two small pipe bombs at the entrance of the center on February 3, causing damage but no injuries. Not long after, unknown masked gunmen distributed pamphlets on Palestine Square in Gaza City threatening to blow up the whole building if it did not close down before February 28.

There have also been attacks on one of the other sister offices. The Palestinian Bible Society has seven centers in East-Jerusalem and the areas of the Palestinian Authority. Since the main threat, there seems to have been little reported. Repairs have since been made to the shop in preparation for a reopening..

When asked if security has significantly improved, he said, “There still is a threat to bomb the building because it’s the only store in Gaza that really helps Christians with materials. It’s so discouraging for Christians, the minority that live there, that if it does close or it is bombed, that they will be further marginalized.”

The militants warned the Bible Society not to continue, so Dykstra says the matter needs prayer. “The Palestinian Bible Society has urged the government to help protect the building. But that, you know, is very iffy, at best. If militants really wanted to bomb a place, they can do that. So we really need to put up a prayer of protection around that building.”

There are also concerns that the current tensions will not lead to even more distrust between Palestinian believers and Messianic Jews. Please pray for creativity for leaders of both groups and Open Doors to find ways to unite in Christ.

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