Afghan refugee resettlement provides Gospel opportunities

By October 15, 2021

USA (MNN) — Refugee resettlement groups in the United States are figuring out how to do more with less. Following deep cuts to the program last year, agencies and nonprofits are scrambling to find housing and resources for thousands of Afghan refugees.

“American believers need to decide what lens are we going to look at the news through? Is it purely political? Or is it biblical? There’s so much frustration right now with the government and what happened in Afghanistan, but this is a great opportunity for us,” Tom Doyle of Uncharted Ministries says.

“99.9-percent [of Afghans entering the U.S.] will be Muslim. Why not reach out, get to know them, and show Jesus to them?”

A girl looks on among Afghan women lining up to receive relief assistance during the holy month of Ramadan in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
(Photo by IsaaK Alexandre KaRslian/Unsplash)

Roughly 53,000 Afghans are currently living on military bases in the U.S., and 14,000 more will soon be transferred in from bases overseas.

“We’ve heard some terrible stories already about [Afghans] in some of the military bases not even knowing basic things [like] how to use the bathroom facilities, and things like that,” Doyle says.

Use this Google search to learn how you can help Afghan refugees in your community.

“Jesus said, ‘They will know you by your love.’ Muslims from Central Asia are people of the heart. They will see the effort; they will see the love in your heart,” Doyle says.

Find your place in the story

Ask God how He wants you to respond to this story. “Let’s just pray for each other, that we will make the Gospel a priority,” Doyle suggests.

“It starts with relationships and, of course, prayer, and then finally getting to the point where we can share the Good News.”

Pray for opportunities to share Christ with Afghan refugees. “What if this group of Afghan refugees ended up becoming a great missionary force for the Church in America?” Doyle asks.

“They are refugees with not a lot right now. But as we share the Gospel and they come to faith in Christ, they may turn around and reach many Americans.”

Use resources like these from Uncharted Ministries to learn how you can reach Muslim neighbors for Christ.



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