Afghanistan food crisis reaches drastic levels

By July 6, 2022

Afghanistan (MNN) — In Afghanistan, some people have sold their kidneys on the black market in order to buy food.

That’s how bad the humanitarian crisis has gotten since the Taliban conquered the country last year. A sack of flour can cost 30 dollars. Government workers haven’t been paid, along with many others. Stale bread usually fed to animals can be found in markets.

Nehemiah with FMI says unlike in Ukraine, the country has little help from humanitarian organizations. “The dire situation in Afghanistan is probably the largest humanitarian crisis currently unfolding in the world.”

“The UN estimates over 70 percent of the Afghan children and women are at high serious risk of starvation.”

Even those who had high-paying jobs a year ago find themselves in desperate situations. Nehemiah says, “The other day, I was watching footage from a media guy who worked for the former Afghan president. He was selling bread on the street. This is how a media person is living a life in Afghanistan nowadays.”


The Taliban can’t do much to improve the situation, Nehemiah says. None of them have any training or knowledge about how to run a country.

Plus, they fight continually with other extremist groups. “Their own soldiers turn against them. They’re fighting against them. There are many militias are working inside Afghanistan against the Taliban. ISIS is a factor.”

All the fighters know is religious extremism and violence. Rather than try to run the government, many would rather start a new fight.

Get involved

Ask God to strengthen the brothers and sisters serving God in Afghanistan. Nehemiah says, “When they go to different places when they experience such situations in the families where they go to pray, it is heart-wrenching.”

You can support them through FMI.



Header photo courtesy of FMI. 

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