Africa faces the peril of a huge famine; believers prepare.

By March 15, 2006

Africa (MNN)–Millions in the Horn of Africa are at risk of starvation as famine conditions worsen.

Lack of infrastructure, remoteness, and security troubles frustrate not only local resources, but also hinder aid efforts to the region. But that makes the situation is worse in pockets, mainly rural, agricultural areas.

The critical nature of food security hasn’t directly hit the higher population centers yet. A delayed impact has given many mission groups more time to develop a response for the inevitable bite of famine.

the Evangelical Free Church’s Kevin Kompelien (comp-layn) says they’re getting ready for that time and preparing themselves. “We knew that this was coming,” he explains. “We’ve been thinking about some strategies and this dialogue that we’ve been having with our national partner in Rwanda is really the first of our working with the national partners in East Africa where they have had very specific needs related to the famine.”

The EV Free Church is working in seven African countries, about half of which are a famine watch list. (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda).

Kompelien says it’s all about ministry. “Evangelism and church planting, that’s our number one priority. These other compassion ministries are the way that we demonstrate the Gospel. You can’t simply go and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ without demonstrating it. They need to go hand in hand, and when the do, there’s some very exciting results that happen.”

The teams working in the famine zone are dealing with theological education, leadership development, church planting, MK education, and medical needs.

Please pray for the teams’ needs through the food security problems. By their demonstration of God’s love through their efforts, they hope that people will come to embrace the hope of Christ.

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