After surviving attack, Pakistani Christian fears his family wants to kill him

By February 26, 2010

Pakistan (MNN) — After refusing bribes to convert to Islam, Pakistani Christian Riaz Masih, 26, sustained a beating from his four older brothers earlier this month.

Compass Direct News reported Masih's parents, who were Christians, died when he was a boy. After their deaths, a Muslim cleric, Moulvi Peer Akram-Ullah, raised him and his siblings. One by one, the cleric bribed the children to convert to Islam and recant their Christian faith.

Since then, Akram-Ullah continued to coerce Masih. Akram-Ullah and Masih's brothers offered him "1 million rupees (US$11,790), a spacious residence, and a woman of his choice to marry," according to Compass.

He declined, however, and his brothers proceeded to beat him with bamboo clubs until he was unconscious, and then left him for dead.

Miraculously, Masih survived and sought shelter in an area Christian's home in an undisclosed location. Currently, Rays of Development (ROD), a human rights organization, has assisted him with financial, medical and moral support.

Masih fears for his life.

"Since [my family] discovered that I was alive and hiding somewhere, they are on the hunt for me," Masih told Compass. "And if they found me, they would surely kill me."

Pray for Masih's safety and for his faith in this time of uncertainty.

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