Agrimissions helps cultivate God’s garden party

By July 8, 2009

International (MNN) — Poverty levels are tied to a lack of
agricultural investment. That's also
true of the spiritual realm. Doug Neel with The Mission
says calling their work "Agrimissions"
is fitting. 

Projects are aimed both at helping people feed themselves
and their families, as well as making life-long changes through a relationship
with Christ.

The ministry's motto, "First the bread, then the Bread of
Life," underscores The Mission Society's commitment. Neel
explains, "The vision of Agrimissions is actually about sharing the
Gospel. At the same time, we want to be about meeting human needs for daily
bread. We like to consider ourselves to be a holistic ministry in that we're
involved in word and deed."

Agrimissions projects are site-specific in order to be sensitive to
cultural differences. This ministry
helps nationals and missionaries begin and advance agricultural projects.
Profits from these projects benefit communities and often help further
ministries. Agrimissions projects are currently underway in countries such as
Ecuador, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, and areas of Central Asia.

Because of this approach, they're growing fast. "We have requests in 19 countries in
Africa. We have requests in Central and South America and requests coming from
Asia. Our critical need right now is more workers." 

According to The Mission Society's Web site, the Global
Resource Team works to maximize field missionaries' abilities to better serve
those with whom they are working.

Agrimissions offers pilot agricultural projects; national
assessments; one-on-one technical assistance; and technical publications. It
also recruits full-time agricultural field missionaries and participants for
short-term mission trips.

So, you may say, 'I can't help. I can't grow anything.' Neel
says they will provide training, adding confidently, "I can take somebody
with a black thumb and help them turn it green." He urges people to respond, even if they don't
have background in agriculture.  "They
can pray, and they can give." And volunteers can go for a short-term
or a long-term. You can find more details at

Most importantly, Neel says, "We need people that feel called to the ministry of
sharing the Gospel and being involved in agriculture ministries. I need them to

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