Trip deadline already extended

By July 7, 2009

Germany (MNN) — The deadline to see a play that is performed just once every ten years is coming up. I.N. Network has already extended the deadline.   

The Oberammergau Passion Play will take place in August 2010.  However, tickets sell so fast that the deadline to sign up for the trip is  August 2009.  

The tradition of the play began in the 1600's. The town of Oberammergau in Bavaria, Germany, pledged that they would re-enact the passion of Christ in thanks to God saving
them from the Bubonic Plague which was killing entire towns at the time. Today, people from around the world come to see the play.

The trip will also wind through other beautiful European places such as Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich. There will be I.N. Network nationals from other continents in attendance who will share the work that they are doing through I.N. Network to spread the message of the Gospel. 
I.N. Network's mission is to connect with front-line and supply-line partners to equip them in evangelism, discipleship and community development.

The price for the trip is about $4,590 per traveler, depending on airfare. This includes nearly everything
you will be doing on the trip. A $300 deposit is needed to hold your place. 

The Oberammergau Passion Play will not be held again until 2020. Pray that this trip will be a powerful display of the Gospel and inspire those in attendance to get more involved in spreading the Good News.       

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