Aid effort centers on Gonaives; believers give out of their need.

By October 6, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–The 300-thousand homeless people who survived flooding in Haiti’s North now face the twin scourges of starvation and waterborne disease.

Men For Mission’s Bill Evans says their church partners are trying to help, but the people don’t have a lot to give. “We’re asking folks to consider giving both physically and financially in relief of these folks. We’re asking for things like sheets, towels, washrags, soaps and shampoos, bags of rice and beans and bottled water.”
Even more problematic is the unrest now plaguing the streets. Street gangs have been mobbing the convoys unable to get through the mudslides.

Evans says their stations continue to broadcast the Gospel in a dark time for Haiti. The outreach goes further when prayer joins action. “We’re looking for other things that we can send down on a container that we’re going to be sending at the end of the month. We’re really mindful of those needs. Everything that these people had has been washed away in these floods. There’s going to be a tremendous physical need, and of course, the bigger need is the spiritual.”

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