AIDS public enemy number 1 in Swaziland.

By October 16, 2006

Swaziland (MNN)–The Sub-Saharan death toll of the HIV/AIDS pandemic rivals that of the Holocaust of World War II.

A recent report reveals that over 30 newborn babies in Swaziland were HIV positive, and 50 people die daily of the disease. Under current conditions, the life expectancy has dropped to 33 years of age and projections indicate that will drop to 27 years old within the next five years.

Book of Hope’s Rob Hoskins says according to the United Nations, if nothing changes, by the year 2025, the kingdom of Swaziland could be extinct. “The question we have to ask ourselves in our age is ‘Why are so many people dying of a preventable disease?'”

Hoskins posed that question to Swaziland’s government along with a proposed solution. The result? “They’re handing their character education timeslot to work Book of Hope into their curriculum to do a values-based education built around a biblical worldview and do an AIDS prevention program. 10 weeks, mandatory, in the schools–and we’re actually training their teachers.”

Hoskins says the Gospel can make a difference–and that holds hope for the country. “It will go extinct if there’s not a change in their beliefs, which modifies their behavior, and of course, we believe those answers are found in God’s Word. Now, the Swazi government has allowed us this tremendous opportunity.”

Pray that the Book of Hope will continue to be used to help with HIV/AIDS education and prevention and that our alliances with other ministries will open many doors to help young men and women in serious need.

The project still needs prayer and funding. Click here if you want to help with the Book of Hope AIDS projec t in Swaziland.

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