More than 300 languages are spoken in Mexico.

By October 16, 2006

Mexico (MNN) — According to the Southern Baptist International Mission Board, more than 6 million people in Mexico remain without the truth of Christ because of language barriers.

Assuming that all inhabitants of Mexico speak Spanish will leave millions lost for eternity without hope of salvation in Christ.

The reality is that the nation of Mexico includes indigenous speakers of more than 300 languages and dialects whose origins bear no relation to Spanish. These cultures and languages were here long before Columbus came to the Americas, and today millions still speak only their ancient language.

The Lacy Church Planting Team is comprised of students and faculty of the G.H. Lacy Seminary in Oaxaca, Mexico, and local pastors who are dedicated to planting culturally appropriate churches among all the peoples of the state.

Spanish-speaking members of this team are engaging in specialized cross-cultural work among the indigenous communities of Oaxaca, where more than 160 language groups reside and yet where little Spanish is spoken.

Extensive stories of the Bible will be chosen and prepared in each of the indigenous languages, allowing these people to hear, understand and spread the truth of God for the first time.

Please pray for clarity of speech and thinking as missionaries seek to learn foreign languages. Ask God to show Himself powerful to these unreached peoples through materials developed in their heart language and pray for the gospel message to be received joyfully and shared boldly.

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