American Airlines crash investigated

By December 30, 2009

Jamaica (MNN) — Investigators
are looking into what caused American Airlines Flight 331 to crash in Kingston,

The plane was attempting to land
during a fierce rainstorm on Dec 22. Passengers said it was a rough landing, causing the aircraft to skid
across the runway and stop abruptly on the sandy beach a few feet from the Caribbean
Sea. One of the jet engines broke off from the
wing, and the fuselage was cracked in several places.

The Luis Palau Association says
Andrew and Wendy Palau and their three children, Christopher, Jonathan and
Sadie, were among the 154 people who survived the crash, escaping with minor injuries. They were traveling to Jamaica for the
Christmas holidays to visit Wendy's Jamaican family. The family lost all of their belongings and documents.

Luis Palau said, "We are grateful to the Lord that no one on the flight
suffered any life-threatening injuries. Andrew has a couple black eyes from
hitting his head during the crash, but we are extremely thankful the family was
not seriously hurt."

 Keep praying–Andrew Palau returns to lead Fun in the Son Festival in March.

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