American churches catching vision for unreached

By May 10, 2004

USA/India (MNN) — An aggressive church growth strategy is giving churches in the United States a vision for reaching the unreached. World Help’s “To the Ends of the Earth” program is an aggressive strategy to plant 100,000 organized churches and one-million house churches in the least reached areas of the world beginning with North India.

World Help’s Eric Vess says, “The vision of World Help is to help plant indigenous reproducing churches where no churches currently exists.” Vess says that’s where Strategic Ministry Partnerships with North American churches come into play. “Strategic Ministry Partnerships” is a way of involving the local church in this project at a partnership level. Pastors told us that this strategy was just what they were looking for their churches. (It’s) a way to boost their missions program and to give new life into the missions efforts of the local church,” says Vess.

Vess says these partnerships get the North American church directly involved in church planting by sponsoring a church planting team for a period of three years. “The beauty of the project is that it has a beginning and end date, a fixed cost of $500 per month, and the average response is currently reaching 86 villages every three years.” He says that’s pretty phenomenal in an area of the world that has been called the grave yard of Christian missions.

3,000 churches and many times more house churches have already been planted.

Churches interested in getting involved is urged to call World Help at (434) 525-4657 and you can read more about it at their web site at

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