American missionary kidnapped in Haiti; ministry presses on.

By February 7, 2007

Haiti(MNN) — Gunmen kidnapped an American missionary three days ago near the
Haitian capital.  They're demanding ransom.

The United Nations confirms a spike in kidnappings for
ransom last year.  But officials are
quick to point out that the numbers have fallen in recent weeks as a UN
peacekeeping force and Haitian police step up patrols around the capital.

Foreign missionaries have increasingly become ransom
targets.  The poverty-stricken Caribbean nation has been wracked by violence for two
decades. More than half of Haiti's
8.4 million people live on one dollar a day. 

The continued violence was a challenge but failed to stop Haiti's
eventual inauguration of a democratically elected president and parliament in
May of 2006.   However, the United States still advises its
citizens against visiting the country, adding more economic strain to the fall
of tourism in the region.  

For Haiti With Love's Eva DeHart says "It just needs
some international influx of money to provide jobs. If people can work and can
provide food for their families, they're not interested in fighting and causing
trouble.  But they're just desperate." 

FHWL began work in Cap-Haitien in 1968.  Since then, they've launched feeding
programs, building programs, schools, medical care and many other things that
dealt with removing the immediate physical needs of the people they were

Once those were met, then people could hear about the 'why'
motivating the staff.  Over the years,
the locals know and recognize FHWL and their bold evangelistic testimony.  It's one reason why their staff is optimistic
they'll be left alone amidst all the unrest and kidnappings.

For one thing, the staff is mainly nationals.  For
another, DeHart adds:  "As long as they're performing a service at no
charge with no questions to the general population in the clinic and handling
the injuries that they're a little bit protected because of the service that
they're offering and a lot protected because of the prayers that they're

She asks prayer for
their safety.  DeHart also says funds are
always needed to keep the programs moving forward. Click here if you'd like to help For Haiti with Love.

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