Congo’s new government tackles challenges.

By February 7, 2007

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) — Democratic Republic of Congo's
new head of state, President Joseph Kabila has announced his new cabinet. 
60 members of the party that got him elected are now members of Kabila's

While a new government can often signal unrest, Grace
Ministries International's
Sam Vinton sees something else.  
"There's a lot of hope, but of course, as you travel and see the roads, as
they've deteriorated, you see schools, you see buildings people have not been
paid for a number of years. I think that's going to be the biggest challenge as
I see the government trying to put all these things back together

It's a huge challenge Kabila faces.  He's now charged with the task of rebuilding
a country devastated by decades of kleptocracy and years of war and violence.

Growth on the horizon brings a promise, and Kabila has not
shown himself hostile to Christians or evangelistic work.  In fact, Vinton
says:  "There's great opportunities, and certainly, we have the
freedom to preach, to travel, to go anywhere, and proclaim the Gospel. I think
we need to seize the opportunity, move ahead with the proclamation of the
Gospel and the strengthening of the church."

In fact, the history of GMI is long-standing.  The region is GMI's oldest and largest
mission field.  They have a team of four working
with the Grace Church in evangelism, church planting, education, literature,
medical work, and community development projects.

Leaders for over 500 churches have gotten training through
the fully accredited Theological
College, Pastors' School,
and 16 Bible institutes.  In addition
there's a large medical center with two Congolese doctors is functioning in a
Muslim area where there is a focus on planting churches in the surrounding
unreached people groups.

And the growth?  That
is seen in the expansion into community ministry through the children.  GMI now works with a teacher training
college, 75 high schools, and 145 grade schools– all run by the national

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