AMG brings help, hope amid global refugee crisis

By November 29, 2021

International (MNN) — Wars, environmental disasters, and economic collapses have led to a global refugee crisis. Around the world, nearly 80 million people have fled their homes.

Brian Dennett says AMG International has worked with refugee populations since the 1940s. “We’ve worked in countries like Thailand with the Hmong refugees. And right now, we’ve got a big focus, working with refugees of war zones in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, that have flooded into Greece. Of course, AMG has worked in Greece for many years. We’ve been working in very practical ways, of course, sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ, but then also meeting practical needs they have as they come into Greece. We love them and give them access to the internet and other very important resources.”

Dennett says this ministry is having a huge impact for Christ’s Kingdom.  “We have seen many come to faith, and even churches being started. In Greece right at the moment, there are approximately 70,000 refugees. That’s really been a focus of AMG.”

Dennett says we need to pray for the vast numbers of people all around the world who suffer this uncertain life. And pray for AMG, which seeks to meet their deepest needs with the love and hope of Jesus.



Header photo courtesy of geralt on Pixabay.