AMG International provides help, hope to suffering in Myanmar

By November 29, 2023

Myanmar (MNN) — A nationwide resistance movement poses the biggest threat to Myanmar’s regime since the junta seized power in a 2021 coup.

Three Chinese warships arrived in a Myanmar port yesterday amid rising security concerns. Battles unfold daily, and nearly 200 civilians have been killed since the end of October.

“The military has been bombing and attacking villages. [In] one where we work, there were six adults and three children killed in recent attacks,” AMG International’s Brian Dennett says.

Every visit brings encouragement to those who need it most.
(Photo courtesy of AMG International)

Consecutive military governments have waged war against armed ethnic groups for decades, destroying villages and uprooting more than two million people. The current rebellion started on October 27, displacing 335,000 people in one month.

“This year alone, we’ve provided thousands with food and other urgent needs. But there’s so much more to be done,” Dennett says.

“Pastors in our network have been crying out for help with health supplies, food, and other relief items that we’ve been trying desperately to provide.”

AMG partners with churches throughout Myanmar to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow. Support AMG’s work in Myanmar here.

“Everything we do at AMG revolves around the Gospel. So, as we serve, we are sharing the hope that we have in Jesus.”

Some church members rely on AMG’s food aid to make it through the week. Pray for believers in Myanmar as they navigate political instability and uncertainty.

“Several families worked in foreign factories that closed due to the military regime and their control over everything,” Dennett says.

“We heard that 80 percent of these foreign factories closed, the employees [were] all laid off; they are now without work.”



Header image depicts Myanmar army tanks. (Wikimedia Commons)

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