AMG serves displaced refugees in Greece

By March 26, 2021

Greece (MNN) — Last September, a fire ripped through a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. The disaster displaced 13,000 refugees.

Tasos Ioannides of AMG International talks about where these people are today: “A number of them were relocated to the mainland. They were moved from the island to the Athens area and other places in Greece. A number of them were relocated to the new camp that was established by the government on the island of Lesbos, and which is operating now. The refugee inflow to Greece has slowed down, primarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

AMG’s work with the refugees

Few of these refugees have been able to migrate farther into Europe as they had planned. In the meantime, AMG continues to work with those that reach the Greek mainland. Ioaniddis says, “We take supplies to those who need supplies. We work to provide some vocational training in small groups. [We provide] some social activities.”

Large church gatherings can’t happen right now, but the refugees have still found ways to meet. Ioaniddis says, “We have a lot of smaller Bible studies and group activities that are taking place in which refugees and immigrants participate. So it has been exciting to see the growth that has taken place.”

Praise God for the faithfulness and growth of these refugees and pray more would be able to make their way deeper into Europe.



The header photo shows refugee teens in Greece. AMG works to disciple them and give them a fun space. (Photo courtesy of AMG International on Facebook)