An American missionary identifies kidnap suspects in Manila.

By July 30, 2004

Philippines (MNN)–Under heavy security, New Tribes Missionary Gracia Burnham testified in court yesterday against the Abu Sayyaf rebels accused of kidnapping her.

Mrs. Burnham, and her husband, Martin, active in the NTM mission aviation program, were taken hostage along with a group of 18 others in 2001.

During their 376 days of captivity, they endured incredible hardship as they trekked through the jungle with limited food and supplies. The length of their captivity and Martin’s considerable weight loss produced a weighty emotional fatigue.

Nonetheless, some hostages were released and reported that Martin and Gracia’s faith and hope in Christ was evident and encouraging. Tragically, Martin died in a rescue mission in June 2002.

Mrs. Burnham is said to have identified six out of the eight suspects on trial as being her captors. The trial began this year and is not expected to end for several months.

However, as a result of their ordeal, Gracia Burnham has found doors opened for her to share her faith. She continues to educate and raise awareness for the cause of international missions.

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