An American radio celebrity touts ministry in Jamaica.

By June 6, 2006

Jamaica (MNN)–Radio talk show host Mike Gallagher is the eighth most recognized talk radio personality in America.

He recently got introduced to one agency whose passion and ministry zeal got his attention. “When I first learned about a group called Food For The Poor, I started to research them, I started to study them because something about this group touched my heart.”

The more he got to know the group, the more evident it became that he needed to get firsthand knowledge of their work. “Eventually, we got to a point where we could put together this broadcast where I could come with a group of people from Food For The Poor and tour communities all throughout Jamaica.”

In mid-May, Gallagher did his national broadcast live from Love FM in Kingston, Jamaica to raise funds for 15 homes. Gallagher’s listeners responded strongly to his description of the living conditions in the slum areas and raised enough money to build 17 houses in St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Food For The Poor and The Mike Gallagher’s show will continue an ongoing partnership to raise funds to build houses in Jamaica.

Along the way, Angel Aloma, Executive Director at Food For The Poor said, “We went to Bellrock, one of the older communities Food For The Poor built in Jamaica. The gardens were flourishing (even in the ‘dry season’), there were new additions to some of the homes and even some new homes going up in the area, indicating a new era of prosperity. It was good to go back.”

He described the needs as many and ongoing. “We saw people living in the worst of conditions: crowded, unbearably hot, holes in the wall and on the roofs, rotting floors and little ventilation. I wondered how these people who have suffered from multi-generational poverty and neglect did not succumb to despair.” But his next thoughts are the thrust of everything FFP is about. “I remembered God’s words to Paul, ‘My grace will be enough.’ It was inspirational to see God’s grace at work.”

Observing faith in action, Gallagher commented on the ministry aspect of the teams that build the homes. “That’s what Food For The Poor is all about. They have touched thousands of people’s lives, just in a relatively short period of time, in the last couple of decades that they have been in operation.”

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