An Eritrean believer says persecution against Christians is increasing

By June 15, 2005

Eritrea (MNN) — During a time when the Gospel is effectively spreading around the world, it’s not coming without a price. The price is being felt in one country and it’s getting worse. That country is Eritrea.

Mission Network News talked with a Christian worker there who we’ll call ‘Moses’ for security reasons. Moses works with Strategic World Impact and says the persecution against Christians is getting worse. “Nine denominations have been closed by the government. Right after (the) closure, the churches went underground. The government came after them and presently we have 1,125 born again Christians in prison.”

These believers are being falsely imprisoned. “They don’t make any official charges toward the believers in prison.” However, Moses says, they are making one claim. “The most strange and unbelievable charge that they try to make towards the believers is that they work for the American government.”

Moses describes those who are being held. “16 are full-time pastors who are in danger now. They have left their wives and children behind. Their personal accounts have been frozen by the government. So, the wives have no access to their personal accounts. They need your prayers and also they need the assistance of the saints.”

While most of the evangelical churches are now underground, Moses says, the church is growing. “The church is a militant church now in Eritrea. The church conducts secret seminars and though the church has been closed, new souls have been coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ from time to time.”

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