Christian broadcasters look to forge transcontinental alliances.

By June 14, 2005

Eastern Europe (MNN)–Ron Harris, chairman of the National Religious Broadcasters Association, was recently part of a broadcast delegation to Eastern Europe.

There, the team met their Trans World Radio counterparts in Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, as well as Austria and Italy. In each country, the TWR delegation met up with dedicated professionals who were using their abilities and medium to get the hope of Christ out.

The visit brought out an important function of their work. “Christian radio in those areas can begin to teach the truth of God’s Word to people who have never had Bibles, have never had a good foundational truth. But I think there also is a sense of spiritual growth, and encouragement and strength.”

The NRB Executive Committee has been seeking ways to encourage Christian broadcasters in the U.S. to partner with those in other parts of the world. Harris said, “We gain so much from each other. We may be able to share expertise with them, but they teach us a lot about faith and perseverance in serving the Lord.”

He issues this plea in support of the Great Commission. “Groups like Trans World Radio need folks in the United States who will partner with them in assisting these Christian broadcasters in the various countries they serve. National Religious Broadcasters is encouraging our American broadcasters to look for opportunities to partner with these international broadcasters.”

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