An outreach to the homeless in the United States needs support

By March 1, 2004

USA (MNN) — There are more than 38,000 people who sleep on city streets in New York City. That’s just one city. That’s being repeated in every other major city around the county. Homelessness is growing in the United States, but Here’s Life Inner City is doing something about it.

“They’ve lost all hope and they just sort of give up,” says Heres Life’s Ted Gandy. He says, “they’re out there just surviving. And, I met many people that have been homeless who’s lives have really been transformed. And, when you talk to them about what happened (and) in every single case there was some individual that took time to begin the process of interacting one on one.”

That’s why that trying to distribute ‘Homeless Care Kits’ for those on the streets. It features a blanket, hat, gloves, scarf, thermal socks, a hygiene kit and of course some Scripture. Gandy says it shows these hopeless people a little love. Something they desperately need. “Taking a kit like that,” says Gandy, “that has real value and saying we love you, we want to interact with you, here’s something we think you need. Can we help you find a shelter. It’s what Christ would do.” The end goal is obviously to lead people to Christ.

The cost of the kits is $34.75. Gandy says churches members do the distribution. “We provide them to churches and organizations that are working in areas where the homeless are (living),” says Gandy. He says, “The reality is when it comes down to it, we’re saving lives.”

Here’s Life hope to distribute 7,000 kits this year. Funding is needed to help do even more.

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