Another Somali believer falls to Islamic extremists

By October 6, 2009

Somalia (MNN) — An Islamic extremist group, al Shabaab, has
vowed to exterminate Christians in Somalia. Last week, according to Compass Direct
News, the murder of yet another Christian added to the rising death toll and
propelled extremists toward fulfilling their promise.

Compass reports 46-year-old Mariam Muhina Hussein was shot
to death by militia leader Sheikh Arbow* after six Bibles were found in her
possession. Arbow's wife confirmed the existence of the Scriptures.

On Sunday, September 27, Arbow sent his wife to Hussein's
house to confirm that she possessed Bibles. Faking an interest in Christianity,
Arbow's wife spoke with Hussein, and Hussein shared parts of the Bible with her.
She denied Arbow's request to take a Bible home.

"[Hussein] told her that it might not be safe for her,
preferring instead that she could visit her regularly for discussions," a
source told Compass.

The next day, Sheikh Arbow and company visited Hussein and
told her, in a friendly manner, that he wanted to check something in the Bible.
Sources say that Hussein gave him one, knowing only that Arbow was a fellow
ethnic Somali Bantu and his wife visited her the previous day.

"Immediately Arbow told her that their mission was to
look for Christians who have defiled the Islamic religion," said one of
Compass's sources. "She was ordered to get the other Bibles out, and she did."

Arbow then fired three shots at Hussein, who died instantly.

Her death comes just weeks after militants slaughtered
another Christian leader for distributing Bibles. Read back stories about the upheaval in
Somalia by clicking here.

*Sheikh Arbow is the
only identification available for this person. 

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