Anti-conversion law may draw more to faith

By February 12, 2009

Sri Lanka (MNN) — Throughout the world, it remains that wherever persecution increases, growth in the church increases as well. This truth brings hope to believers in Sri Lanka as it seems a proposed anti-conversion law will inevitably be passed.

Vice President of
Gospel for Asia Danny Yohannan says that, if passed, the new law will keep people from "coercion," essentially implying that Christians cannot give food to the starving or shelter for the homeless with the intent of ever sharing the Gospel.

Yohannan notes that proposed laws have been kept vague on purpose. "They try to keep it as general as possible so they can really catch anyone doing anything to put them in prison."

The law will be voted on officially sometime this month. If passed, it may cause GFA missionaries to come up with more subtle ways of sharing the Gospel. But Yohannan says it will undoubtedly be spread more than ever. GFA and many other Mission Network News mission partners have experienced growth in the church as it comes under heavy scrutiny.

"What we've seen, like in Orissa [India] with the persecution that happened a few months ago, is that there was actually more people coming to Christ and more churches being planted because of this. So if they do pass this law, what we're going to see is actually more people getting saved. People will think, ‘Why did they pass this law? Why are they doing this toward Christians?' Then they're going to ask,  ‘What do Christians believe?' And then they're going to come to Christ."

GFA missionaries in the country have not been deterred by the proposed bill. Yohannan says they expect persecution when they become followers of Christ and will continue to be trained in the Bible and evangelism.

In the meantime, GFA needs your help. Funding is necessary to maintain programs and to sponsor missionaries in Sri Lanka and surrounding countries. If you can help with this, click here. But more than anything, please pray.

"Every believer can pray, at least every single day, that God would raise up more laborers for the work of the harvest."

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