Buckner, Bright Hope and Ethiopian president celebrate school inauguration

By February 12, 2009

Ethiopia (MNN/Buckner) — Ethiopia's Prime Minister just held a forum with
students over the effectiveness of the six-year-old national youth development

It demonstrates concern over education issues and the next generation.  According to the youth and sports minister, the
Ethiopian government is working close with the youth to make them the front-runners
on the developmental activities in all regions. That's why there's so much hope
over the newest project by Buckner International and Bright Hope.  

Ethiopia's president joined them for the February 7 inauguration of a new
school in Bantu, Ethiopia. The school will be the hands and feet of Christ to
400 impoverished children.

Aside from a Christ-centered education, teams will provide these children
with two meals a day, two school uniforms, clothing, shoes, school books and
supplies, medical treatment, and personal hygiene materials.

"Two years ago I stood on an empty field with a group of pastors and
the President of Ethiopia. On Tuesday I got to stand in a completed school with
hundreds of children being reached," said Kyle Henderson, member of the
E-team. "They recited English letters, numbers, and animals. In just a few
months these kids have moved from dirt floors and no teaching aids to qualified
teachers, in excellent facilities, and a new future."

The school is in a six-block area
containing eight classrooms and one administration building with five rooms. There's
also a building with a kitchen and cafeteria, a staff residence with four
rooms, a director residence with five rooms, and a building with eight showers
and restrooms.

All of the rooms are furnished and equipped with the necessary furniture,
materials and equipment. The school also employs experienced teachers and other
supportive staff. It will officially open
in September with 200 students.

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