Anti-government protests erupt in Albania

By February 7, 2011

Albania (BCS/MNN) — Thousands of Albanians converged in
Tirana and three other cities Friday to demand the government step down over
corruption allegations.

This comes just two weeks after a similar anti-government
demonstration turned violent and left three people dead.

The Socialist opposition says they plan to hold weekly
rallies across the country every Friday until the government responds.

Their discontent stems from the 2009 elections when the Democratic
Party narrowly defeated the Socialist party.

Since their defeat, the Socialists have accused the
Democrats of rigging the election and are demanding a new vote ahead of the
scheduled 2013 elections. Meanwhile,
the Prime Minister of the Democratic Party suggested the Socialists were
trying to stage a coup to make a grab for power

As the tension heated up, it went into full scale rioting when
the country's deputy prime minister stepped down over corruption allegations.   

Bethany Social Services
Albania (BSSA*), a partner of Bethany Christian Services, was not affected by these recent events. They are recognized as a leader in the
Albanian social services sector.

As events continue to unfold in Albania, pray for a spirit
of reason and restraint. Ask God for protection,
healing for those injured, as well as comfort for those whose loved ones
were killed. 

Most importantly, pray that peace and justice would prevail,
and that the people of God in Albania would be peacemakers and would also
boldly proclaim that true peace, hope, and justice are found only in Christ.

*BSSA advocates for the de-institutionalization of children
through foster care and other temporary care service programs. BSSA also
provides family preservation and family reunification services, comprehensive
care for pregnant women, and crisis intervention services.

Follow the link to learn more about Bethany's work in
Albania: BSSA.

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