Are we too busy for our first mission field?

By June 19, 2024

USA (MNN) — There is a gaping hole in the Christian mission field — and most of us think we are too busy to address it.

Greg Yoder, president of Keys for Kids Ministries, believes that our first mission is to our families. So why do children who grow up in “Christian households” still struggle with prayer, Bible reading and discipleship?

“Frankly, people just don’t have time here in the United States,” Yoder says.“They have lots of time to play soccer and to play baseball and to do all the things that they think their kids need to do. And yet, many, many, many parents do not spend time just going through the Bible with their kids.

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries)

A study from Barna Group showed that, shockingly, only 5% of Christians are discipling others. The study also revealed that 62% of believers think that disciple-making takes “too much of a time commitment.” Only 28% of believers are being discipled by others, and 39% of believers are not engaged in discipleship at all. But our children need better. They need to know Christ.

“We teach our kids how to study for school and to be good students,” Yoder says. “Why in the world would we not encourage them to prioritize and spend time in the Word of God?”

Keys for Kids works to provide resources for parents who feel overwhelmed by the commission to disciple their children.

Their strategy is to provide parents with the tools to construct foundational habits in their children like prayer, Bible reading and evangelism. They emphasize building consistent habits alongside children and provide engaging materials such as daily devotionals, radio broadcasts and even audio dramas. These habits cling to children throughout their lives as they grow up, clinging to Christ.

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries)

One child, Sophia, read a Keys for Kids devotional with her parents and felt empowered to start a Bible study — in the fourth grade! “You don’t have to be a missionary to minister to people or witness to people,” she said in an endorsement video for Keys for Kids. “You can just do it in your hometown.” Discipling a child doesn’t only affect them, it also ministers to every other child they come in contact with.

While Keys for Kids is an excellent resource, it is not the discipler of your children. You are! Yoder says, “If your kids don’t see you [spending time in prayer and Bible reading], and it’s not important to you, why would it be important to them?”

The Great Commission begins with the people closest to us. It begins when we aren’t too busy to disciple our first mission field.

Check out Keys for Kids resources and pray for the Lord’s guidance in discipling the children in your own life.



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