Argentinian parents, churches fueling Christian education movement

By December 12, 2023

Argentina (MNN) — Under decades of socialism, Argentina’s public school system has seen more and more secular ideals and anti-biblical values pushed into the classroom. Additionally, the nation now faces a teacher shortage.

Marisol Gomez, national director of TeachBeyond in Argentina says, “Teachers have extremely low salaries, so very few people want to study to become teachers. So we are running out of teachers.

“Churches now, because of the gender agenda [in public schools], are opening their own schools. But they understand that they have to hire people who are non-believers.”

Two years ago, the Lord put a burden on the hearts of Argentinian believers to open a Christian teacher training college with TeachBeyond.

(Photo courtesy of TeachBeyond)

Gomez says, “From the human perspective, it was impossible because the government is closing these institutions. They don’t want these institutions. So that was a miracle [that] it was approved after a long process. This year, in March 2023, the teacher training college opened with about 14 students.

“This is the vision of sending teachers to the schools and equipping the schools with teachers doing missions.”

Behind this push for Christian education, Gomez says, “Parents are, for the very first time, getting involved with opening schools and…the Christian movement in education.

“I can see that kind of a revival among Christian educators in Argentina as well as that interest — especially on the side of churches — getting more and more committed to opening schools and thinking of alternatives to get their own students out of the [public] system.”

Pray for Christian education to point Argentinian students to the Gospel!

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Header photo courtesy of TeachBeyond.

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