As Europe remains indifferent to Christ, Evangelicals try to be a light in the darkness.

By February 28, 2005

Europe (MNN) — A recent survey of 14 European countries indicates 7 out of 10 people believe in God. But what might seem like encouraging statistics, is lessened by the fact that, in reality, many of those people don’t actually know Jesus as their Savior.

Greater Europe Mission serves in countries throughout Europe, and they face many obstacles to the Gospel, including indifference and materialism. The encouraging thing is that Evangelical Christians do have a passion to reach others for Christ, especially to reach the younger generations.

The representative survey was done on behalf of Reader’s Digest, and 8,600 people were interviewed across 14 European countries. Poland, Portugal and Russia showed the highest percentages of believers in God, while Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic held the lowest.

The survey also showed that churches are losing their influence on people’s lives.

Pray for God to soften indifferent hearts and draw people to Jesus. Pray for a revival among those who believe in God, that God would enliven their hearts for Christ. Pray that those who are Christ-followers will be a strong witness and bring the light of Christ to those in darkness.

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