As votes are counted, SAT-7 airs its first Iraqi Christian TV program

By February 2, 2005

Iraq (MNN) — Christian’s lives are threatened and their churches have been bombed, but despite these threats they’re reaching out in Iraq. They’ve started new churches, Christian bookstores and an Iraqi pastor has created a new television program.

Debbie Brink is the executive director of SAT-7, Christian satellite television for the Middle East and North Africa. Brink says this pastor was discovered on a fact-finding trip about a year ago. “We met someone, a pastor, who is actually the chairman of the Council of the Iraqi Evangelical Churches, who has developed a program and we’re going to be airing it starting in February. So, it’s the first Christian program from Iraq to Iraq.”

Brink says as a result of the war, many Iraqis are dealing with many issues. “Grief and fear and forgiveness, the program will be dealing with some of those kinds of issues from a Christian perspective.”

Iraq has always been in the ‘footprint’ of SAT-7’s satellite signal, so they’ve been able to view their programming. Brink says, however, that this fits within the strategic programming plan. “We’re trying to reach and meet the needs of individual cultures within the region because they’re all very different, even though they speak the same language. And, this is just one that’s specifically geared toward the Iraqis.”

While violence has been the focus on the international media, it hasn’t been all bad news for Iraqi believers. “We’re seeing an openness that hasn’t been there before. And, more and more are watching Christian satellite television because they are not feeling safe to leave their homes in the evening, with the war continuing.”

If you’d like to help fund this outreach you can send donations to; SAT-7, P.O. Box 2770, Easton, Maryland, 21601. You can also go to their web site at

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