Asian Access trains young SE Asian professionals for ministry

By October 14, 2021

Southeast Asia (MNN) — Does a calling to ministry mean no full-time career? That’s a question many young professionals in Southeast Asia are asking.

Mary Jo Wilson says Asian Access walks alongside them through these decisions, “Just considering how God could be working through them in their vocation, and how they are uniquely positioned out in the world to be light and to be Christ’s presence. To see God working through all that is a new concept. We’ve seen this to be hugely freeing for them.”

The training

These young professionals want training to be good leaders. Wilson says, “Half of our cohort is our singles. They’re earlier in life, starting into their careers, and passionate about Christ.”

This training starts with a deep love for God. This affects every aspect of their lives, from business dealings to workplace relationships. Eventually, they learn ways to share their faith in these environments.

Wilson says, “It would be wonderful for people to be praying for these particular cohorts and for a lot of the young professionals across Asia and around the world. Pray for these Christians in their communities as they shine their light through their professions.”

The group hails from two different countries, and they meet regularly over Zoom. Pray this training would strengthen the local churches.


The leadership of these young professionals is already being tested.

Depending on where they live, some of them still face a lot of COVID-19 restrictions and rampant sickness in their communities. Ask God to give them wisdom as they continue to navigate these challenges. Wilson says, “Just praying for them as they go through that. Because these young people are at a really critical time in their lives. How will they process through this and grow through this and come out the other end?”



(Header photo courtesy of Free-Photos from Pixabay)

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