Ask the Lord to protect kids, missionaries in Lebanon

By March 27, 2013

Lebanon (MNN) — Political tension is tearing Lebanon apart.

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati resigned late last week and took his 30-member Cabinet with him. The fall comes after political leaders failed to take action regarding the extension of a key security chief's term and a committee to oversee elections in June.

On Saturday, Mikati gave his formal resignation to Lebanese President Michel Suleiman.

"Now it is important for dialogue to begin and for a salvation government to be established during this difficult period," Mikati tweeted. "I thank God that I left office the same way I came in, with integrity."

There are concerns Mikati's move could add friction to an already-tense situation. Neighboring Syria's two-year civil war has deepened an existing sectarian and political divide in Lebanon. Sunni Muslims reportedly sympathize with rebel forces in war-torn Syria, while Hezbollah backs President Assad.

Although the recent moves might spark a political wildfire in volatile Lebanon, Kids Alive International is continuing its work.

They're giving the love of Christ, education, full meals, and medical care to vulnerable kids. Along with caring for Lebanese orphans, Kids Alive homes and programs are taking in a growing number of Syrian refugees. The ongoing exodus has triggered a 10% jump in Lebanon's total population.

Ask God to protect children, Kids Alive staff, and programs in Lebanon.

Kids Alive cares for more than 150 children in Jesus' name, and they're hoping to add another 35 kids in 2013. It's the largest number Kids Alive has ever undertaken in a single year, and you can help them meet this goal.

Pray for peace in Lebanon, and that a positive way forward will be found to end the political stalemate. Pray that Kids Alive children, staff, and missionaries will remain safe.

This Easter, you can help Lebanese kids know Jesus died and rose again for them. Learn how here.

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