ASM asked to help bring the audio Gospel to Myanmar

By September 7, 2004

Myanmar (MNN)–A group of nationals in Myanmar have contacted Audio Scripture Ministries and asked for help in bringing the Gospel message on audio to isolated villages.

It is very difficult for outsiders to come into Myanmar and share the Gospel. They are very religious and find it difficult to accept anything other than Buddhism. The most effective way in spreading the Gospel is to use nationals and even then there is chance of persecution.

Because the villages are so remote they need to use a hand crank unit to listen to any tape. ASM has a partner in India that produces this type of unit. ASM will help advise them in setting up a studio for recording, duplicating and distributing the tapes and recorders.

ASM says they are thrilled that a group of national believers are willing to work to get God’s word out no matter the cost. This will be a long term project and they are asking for prayer as they work to develop and carry out this project.

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