Australian government joins World Vision to bring relief to Sudan.

By September 7, 2004

Sudan (MNN)–The United Nations has appealed for desperately needed funds to fill a huge shortfall in aid for Sudan.

The country has seen mass displacement in the crisis-hit Darfur region. Less than half of what is needed to help the refugees has come in, according to relief officials.

In response, the Australian Agency for International Development is sending 600-thousand dollars to World Vision to fight disease and help meet the basic needs.

The funds will provide urgent help for thousands of internally displaced people in camps who are suffering or threatened by illness.

World Vision will use nearly half of the grant for humanitarian assistance and the remaining quarter million dollars for the Malaria Epidemic Response and Preparedness Project.

The program will provide treatment and prevention of malaria and diarrhea diseases during the next four months. The problems mount due to lack of access to food, shelter, health, water and sanitation.

Throughout the projects the refugees will find World Vision team members who are dedicated to several things. Firstly, they are committed to showing the love of Christ by becoming the embodiement of compassion and hope. Secondly, they do this through the physical aid that is, by nature, required in the aftermath of war.

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