ASM hopes to introduce Scripture through AIDS awareness

By January 27, 2009

Mozambique (MNN) — Many digital audio players have been distributed in Mozambique, but requests are continually made for more.

Due to the growing interest in recorded Scripture, Audio Scripture Ministries is looking to increase their distribution of digital players. One opportunity for outreach is through AIDS awareness, which has become an area of significant concern in Mozambique.

"We have just found out that it's possible to include audio information about AIDS prevention," says ASM's Executive Director Tom Dudenhofer. He explains that messages can be included with the AIDS information. "If we choose to go ahead with this, we can provide digital players that have AIDS information on them, plus an entire copy of the Scriptures."

People in Mozambique are hungry for God's Word in audio, and ASM has a shipment of digital players waiting to clear customs. Pray that God allows the players to pass through quickly with as little cost as possible.

"There's been such a tremendous response to the recording of God's Word in audio that we decided to take a risk and order digital players sent directly into the country," Dudenhofer said. "It looks like God is really opening up opportunities to share His Word in Mozambique through Audio Scripture Ministries."

Pray that ASM meets its goal of placing 1000 Scripture players within Mozambique this year. Please pray also for ASM's continued need for a new recording studio. A recent theft created a setback for the ministry until stolen items could be replaced. However, plans are still moving forward for another recording area that would allow ASM to record two Scripture readings at once. Pray for funding to make this possible.

Audio Scripture Ministries remains unsure about pursuing the AIDS prevention project. Since the project would be paid for, the national ministry would have enough funding to build a new studio. Pray that God would grant wisdom to leaders making this choice. If you'd like to support Audio Scripture Ministries, please click here.

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