Athletes are challenging Russians in Bible study.

By November 4, 2003

Russia (MNN) — Bible correspondence classes may be the key to seeing more people come to Christ in Russia. Bible Mission International has been offering these programs for 11 years, but now their taking a new approach.

Bible Mission International Malcolm Smith says, “We have just a little over 7,000 students.” But now they have a new program.

Smith says, “(We’re) kicking off a program right now, where they’re going to be interviewing high profile athletes and asking them how their faith has impacted their life. We’re very excited about this potential and we’re hoping that we’ll have about 15,000 students that begin studying through this program.”

According to Smith, this won’t be enough to meet the demand. “The 15,000 copies that we have printed, we’re sure those will be gone within the first couple of weeks. We would like to have printed several hundred thousand, but again the issue is limited resources.”

They’re also offering two other type programs. Smith says they’re taking their Independent Bible Correspondence School Classes and they’ve been translated into four languages in Muslim areas. He says, “We (just) began offering those. We’ve just had a tremendous response from a lot of (people) in these Muslim areas.”

On-line classes are also being planned. “We have just finished our e-course and we’re hoping to launch those at the first of the year from Kiev,” says Smith. He says, “That will provide worldwide access for any Russian speaking person around the world to begin to study God’s word that we believe will a great impact for the cause of Christ around the world.”

Pray that all of these programs will be able to expand.

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