Attacks emboldened from lack of police protection

By June 15, 2007

India (MNN) — Hindu militants attacked a pastor in Karnataka, India last Friday. Voice of the Martyrs-Canada reports that amazingly the pastor is now only being treated for swelling and

Pastor Laxmi Narayana was intimidated and threatened by a group of militants who entered his home around 7 p.m. on Friday demanding that he leave the area. The number grew to nearly 100 people as Narayana was assaulted in front of his wife and children. The attack was allegedly lead by the Bajrang Dal.

The attackers vandalized furniture and equipment and burned over 250 Bibles. At one point, they poured kerosene over Narayana and then tossed a burning Bible on him in an attempt to set him on fire.

The group grew to an estimated 1,000 people. They stripped him of his clothes and paraded
him through the streets with a sign around his neck that read, "I am the one who converts people." 

As of yet, there has been no case against the attackers, reported Compass Direct. However, a local source told Compass that a lawyer may have suggested the attack be done in a group so that no charges could be pressed. 

Though the area has been known for anti-Christian attacks, the problem has grown since February 2006. Last year, the Janata-Dal Secular Party took power from the Congress Party.

Extremists have also become more active since police often don't show up until after an incident like this. 

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