Audio ministry grows from inside-out in Mozambique

By November 26, 2007

Mozambique (MNN) — Audio Scripture Ministries' Tom Dudenhofer says Sergio, their studio technician in Mozambique, got his training "on the job." He's also shown an amazing enthusiasm and has made incredible progress with recording the Bible in several languages. That's both good and bad. 

At the moment, Sergio is overwhelmed by what needs to be done in Xai Xai. "He sent an e-mail back to our tech coordinators saying, 'If it's okay with you, I've asked this young man to help me out. He's very reliable. I'll pay for it out of my own pocket, but I just had to get some help, and I hope that's okay.'" 

Sergio continues recording the Makua New Testament. He has arranged for two readers to come from Mampula to finish reading while the Bible college students are on an extended break.  Pray for safe journeys and uninterrupted time for reading and recording.

In addition to recording the Makua New Testament, Sergio is distributing Sunday school resources done in audio. Even the teachers themselves do not need to read in order to teach about Jesus. 

Dudenhofer says it's a fledgling ministry that needs a lot of prayer and resources. "Here's a young man who has a heart for God. He's willing to stick his own neck out to get the job done, even if he has to use his own money, because he's committed to getting God's Word into audio for people just like him in the villages around the area who don't read."

Praise God for Sergio, who is committed to reaching his own country and people with God's Word in audio. Pray, too, for Sergio to be able to balance the ministry with the needs of his wife and baby.


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