Audio ministry’s unique approach expands work to non-readers

By November 12, 2007

Kenya (MNN) — Audio Scripture Ministries has been sending the Gospel into regions of Nairobi, Kenya for 20 years. They are now partnering with Theovision International to expand that work.

Theovision is a national program committed to reaching non-readers with the Gospel. They produce cassettes as well as other formats in many languages so that non-readers can still hear the

Theovision's plan is to convert ASM's Nairobi center into an East Africa distribution center. They will build on the ground work laid out by ASM as they work in Nairobi. "There's a real need just to do follow-up in a lot of these villages, to establish a deeper discipling program, and Theovision is committed to doing that in the country," said Tom Dudenhofer.

According to Dudenhofer, they have a unique technique that makes them supremely prepared to reach the people of Nairobi. "They have their own technicians who have developed their own and I might say unique methods of doing the Scripture recordings. They're able to go into areas where most of us wouldn't even care to go, and they'll do it in order to
get a recording."  Dudenhofer believes this will help them grow God's Word in audio and reach out to places where translation is still taking place. 

Regular listeners are generally affected in two ways. "They either come to Christ and want to start a church or, in the church setting, people are taken to the next level. That is, they've trusted Christ, and now they need to grow. They can use these listening times to really grow in the knowledge of what Jesus said and taught and then read the rest of the New
Testament," Dudenhofer said. 

Record keeping has not always been what it ought to be in Kenya, and there are corruption issues. Dudenhofer says prayers that the legal requirements are met without complication would be a blessing to Theovision as well as ASM.

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