Nepali believers need support for what is to come

By November 12, 2007

Nepal (MNN) — Nepal's current status is unstable. The institution of a secular government has the Maoists aiming to get control. However, it has also opened doors to help Nepali Christians. 

Al Joslyn of Bible Pathway Ministries says it is uncertain how long the door to help Christians will be open and "oftentimes, when that door closes, the Christians come under tremendous persecution."

"I'm afraid that it looks, also, as though the Maoists are trying to get a hold of that secular government," said Joslyn. 

The self-titled Hindu kingdom has prohibited proselytism in the past. Christians in similar past situations have found themselves in the cross-fire. Joslyn says believers around the world need to take action now in light of the unstable condition of the government. "This means to every Christian ministry that we should take advantage of the opportunity to be able to get these materials in there as soon as possible because that door may close."

Bible Pathway has already prepared a shipment of resources to send to a pastor in Nepal. The pastor will put the materials into ready distribution.

"We need to pray for believers there in Nepal that God will give them power and the ability to stand. We pray that God's will is accomplished there as we send those materials in to help our brothers and sisters," said Joslyn.    

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