Audio Scripture introduces all new field-programmable equipment

By May 7, 2010

(MNN) — Once upon a time, getting the translated audio Scriptures to a rural
people group required carrying a lot of heavy equipment. Laptop computers came about and opened a lot
more doors.  Now, a new MegaVoice unit
called the Next Generation Player (NGP) is filtering down to users. 

It's an
exciting technology advance. Tom Dudenhofer with Audio
Scripture Ministries
explains, "The [sic] New Generation player
is a player that can be programmed out on the field. Instead of taking their
computers out into the field to load new material on the digital players,
they'll be able to do it totally from the Scribe."

Why is this important? Imagine an evangelist team member
with a Scribe II in a backpack biking to a remote village in an area known to be
hostile to the Gospel.

A second team member carrying blank NGP Ambassador audio
players travels a different route to the same village. The team meets a half
mile away from the village and quickly loads several players using the Scribe
II. The pastor can then distribute the
players for use in listening groups in and around the church.

Rapid uploading by the Scribe II reduces exposure of this
team in difficult situations.

The Scribe II can also load Scripture messages onto the solar powered MegaVoice FM Ambassador digital players and fix-tune them to
Christian radio stations in the area. Interest is growing, and Missionary Christian Broadcasters around
the world are watching to see how God will use this player.  

Even as the NGP Ambassador makes its rounds, a usage question arises: Can't a recipient just erase the programming
and have an mp3 player to sell? That's
the beauty of the MegaVoice Field Production System.  Dudenhofer says data transfer requires elements,
the MegaVoice player and the Scribe II. "The digital players themselves cannot be hacked. They can't take
it and convert it so that they can just listen to anything they want to. The Scriptures or the content of the player
can only be changed from one of these Scribe units."

goes on to say that there are more requests than there are units right now. "This is a very exciting tool–one that
provides the immediacy of Christian radio and the disciple-making tools of
God's Word in audio. It's a brand new opportunity for us to further the Gospel
of Jesus Christ and even disciple those people." 

Pray for
good availability for distribution when the requests grow. The program is only limited by the
funds. Click here if you can help.

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